Agreement cement supply (Havelia to Thakot Motor way (2017 to 2020 project)
We supply cement to CCCC in 2017 up to 130000 tons from Askari and Best way cement Currently we supply 10 to 13 thousand tons per month



Project Period 3rd March 2009 to 31th December 2015 In 2009, Hunza Xinjiang Trading won the tender to supply cement to the China Road and Bridge Corporation for its project of KKH improvement and realignment in Gilgit- Baltistan. We went the way out to serve our major client by establishing an uninterrupted supply chain of high quality cement for them. Since then, we are the sole cement supplier for CRBC in Gilgit-Baltistan. We have been supplying CRBC with cements of any brand. We have established long-term relationship with Askari Cement and Fauji Cement companies to supply cement to CRBC.
Our service was not only cement supply, but also establishing a complete supply chain for the company that includes purchasing, loading of cement from the manufacturers to transportations and timely delivery at specied destinations besides unloading at destinations. We have already surpassed the client expectations by delivering continuous cement supplies (60,000) metric ton) It is pertinent to mention here that in the aftermath of the Attabad landslide that completely destroyed the KKH and blocked the Hunza River to form what is now popular as the Attabad Lake, CRBC was faced with the challenge of getting essential supplies beyond the lake for its KKH improvement project. We made the task easier for them through our unmatched supply service. We provided the company uninterrupted supply of the following items in the areas upstream of the Attabad Lake:

  • Cement
  • Bitumen
  • Fuel, especially diesel (500,00)liters delivered)
  •  Steel bars
    We are also the cement supplier for construction of the now popular Pak-China Friendship Tunnels that is completed in 2015 and would provide road link to Gojal Valley after almost
    five years.